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Bullying is not acceptable

As increased isolation has made many Autistic children reach out to connect via online, there has been a significant rise in harassment, trolling and unacceptable interactions.  Thank you to Rochelle Kirkham and Keeley’s Cause for shining a light on such an important topic with Spectrum Support.

Music & Family

Following on from A Current Affair one of the more fun requests Spectrum Support received, was to hear the song Kathrine sang with 2 of her children taking part. We hope you enjoy this too.

Forgotten faces of the coronavirus crisis

Queensland family struggle with three autistic sons in lockdown If you are struggling with life under lockdown, spare a thought for this family. Katherine and Steven Peereboom have three profoundly autistic children and COVID-19 has left them battling gut wrenching regression and violent outbursts.

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