Project Eleos is about to change the way the world understands and interacts with an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
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Hello there!




Each day I watch Spectrum Support grow. Through it, and through you, I am proud of our commitment to the Autism community and our mission to deliver new and important services. Our charity's vision grows daily, bolstered by personal experience and by the learnings of our valued supporters.


This year, 2020 is the year we change the way that Autism is received by Australia.  We are firmly focused on providing real, relevant and timely support, services and awareness for those living with Autism.

We are REAL people making REAL changes NOW.

As we grow, we are determined to be a strong and robust voice for the Autism community and your influence and input will be a driving force.

We are parents with three beautiful, Autistic boys. They have very high support needs and co-morbid medical conditions. We are not researchers in a university.   We live this life daily, just as you do.  And just like you, we are on that steep learning curve.

Contribute, share and help us to make this journey a better one for everyone that follows us. It’s something we CAN do.

We appreciate all your input and love.

Welcome to the Spectrum Support family.