Tips for a First Time Parent of a Child With Autism, From Seasoned Experts

Peereboom has similar sentiments about raising her three boys, who all are diagnosed with level three — the highest diagnostic level — which requires very substantial support. She says, “It’s extremely difficult at times, but my god, it’s equally amazing”.

Although her non-verbal boys have taught her more about who she wants to be in this life than she could have ever imagined, she does say that autism has brought her family a level of isolation that she never expected. Peereboom has relocated from Sydney to the Gold Coast to improve her boys’ quality of life; she’s making provisions for the future that includes purchasing land large enough to build three townhouses, so her boys can live in them for the rest of their lives.

“It’s our job as parents to help them navigate their way in this world, and we do this with unconditional love.”

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