Stephen Peereboom


Father of Three

Stephen Peereboom

Stephen is a father of three children on the Spectrum, as well as a professional in the Audio-Visual sector with over 25 year’s experience. An expert in Operations and Logistics, he quickly rose to the top of his field and was recruited by some of the top players in Australia and Internationally.

He has a leading role in the development of his three boys as principal rough play guy, toy cleaner and bath time supervisor. Other roles include senior positions in Audio Visual companies in Singapore and China, as well National Operations and General Manager positions in Australia. Stephen has navigated the largest Audio-Visual companies through to success.

With Spectrum Support, Stephen takes on the role of COO. With his strong business credentials, long experience in the field and deep technical ability, he is a natural to bring a strong business acumen to a role that will, literally, change the world! He also has a knack of knowing when the Pastizzi are burning.

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