Mindful Parenting During The ‘Terrible’ Toddler Years’

My nephew is going through the “terrible twos” (or is it actually terrible threes?), if you could call them that – so far, it’s not so bad. Sometimes I’ll get sweet, unprompted kisses and declarations of love, and mere minutes later he’ll be calling me a farty-head.

These so-called terrible toddler years are a universal experience, as we’ve all been toddlers, and some of us now have our own.

As to why they’re universal? Kathrine Peereboom, founder and CEO of Spectrum Support, believes it’s because they’re starting to get some independence. “They may not have the expressive language to communicate their needs properly, or they’re not allowed. They’re pushing the boundaries because they want to learn.”

Krissy Regan, founder of Mindful Mums Queensland, agrees with the point on independence – and on communication. “They want to do everything themselves but can’t, and get frustrated easily. They also want to experience the world in their own way and don’t always want to relate to others, on their terms.”

So how are parents dealing with these tumultuous years in the modern era?

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