MamaMia Feature: Why autism training for police is so crucial.

For Kathrine Peereboom, life is “quite hectic”. 

As a mother of three autistic nonverbal boys under the age of ten, Kathrine and her husband’s day starts at 4:30am. That’s if the family has been able to sleep through the night. 

“Even though our eldest is eight, it very much feels like we still have newborns at times,” Kathrine shares with Mamamia

But even with an incredibly busy life, looking after and having quality experiences with her three boys, Kathrine is giving up her time to provide police with autism training for free. 

Why you may ask?

To ensure that no person on the spectrum is ever put in a position where their dignity or safety is compromised by a first responder or service provider due to potential lack of awareness or ignorance.

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