Dennis Debbaudt


Foremost Global Expert

Dennis Debbaudt

Dennis Debbaudt, is currently considered the foremost global expert on Autism management in Law Enforcement and Emergency response.

Dennis, an international expert with over 40+ years on Autism Risk & Safety for First Responders, has been a primary consultant with Spectrum Support on bringing education, de-escalation techniques, broad-based development, communication and socialization skills, victimization and harassment understanding, safety risks, autism recognition, response and first responder strategies.

He has consulted and trained such institutions as FBI, Homeland Security, NYPD, Chicago Police and shared his expert training with other countries such as Spain and Canada to name a few.

Dennis is a former police officer turned licensed investigative agency owner (37 years), journalist and proud parent of a son who has autism.

He first reported on police related autism issues in the early 1990s. He has since produced over 40 autism and law enforcement related books, chapters, reports and training videos that have saved many lives.

Over 2 decades, Dennis has presented hundreds of direct training sessions throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and southeast Asia. Since 1995, Debbaudt’s training has reached well over a million law enforcement, public safety and criminal justice professionals.
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