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Why do we need Project Eleos?


Every second classroom has an ASD student. 

Every Airplane: 4 Passengers

Every Commuter train: 19 Passengers

Every Shopping Centre: 60 Shoppers

Currently 1 in 70 Australians is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This represents an increase of 600% over the last 20 years, a trend that has been recorded worldwide.


Every year, hundreds of incidents occur involving ASD Australians and First Responders. Every year hundreds of ASD Australians are beaten, tasered or killed in these incidents. 


The United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres has called for support of persons with Autism, stating “Let us ensure that we make available the necessary accommodations and support to persons with autism”


It is in this spirit, and an absolute commitment to upholding the Human Rights of the ASD community, that Project Eleos was born.​

Spectrum Support ASD Talisman

Project Eleos, named after the Greek Goddess of Compassion, will see training and education modules developed for all First Responders nationally, providing them the tools and understanding to work with ASD affected Australians in stressful situations. 


Autistic behaviour can be mis-interpreted as aggression, drug or alcohol intoxication or resistance in many cases. Project Eleos has been designed to ensure that violence and fear is removed from these encounters.


In addition to training, Spectrum Support has developed the ASD Talisman. A universal symbol for Autism soon to be recognised around the world. It will become the symbol of safe harbour and understanding for the Autistic community.


Project Eleos will distribute Wristbands, Necklaces and Lapel Pins bearing the ASD Talisman to all diagnosed ASD Australians free of charge. This symbol will work in conjunction with our First Responders Training Module, creating a clear communication with all parties of the wearers needs.


Businesses, service organisations, Government offices and many more will be able to show their understanding and inclusion of Autistic Australians simply by displaying this symbol at the point of entry.

ASD Talisman purpose

To be instantly recognised and associated with Autism. To empower law enforcement, emergency services and the general public to manage stressful or challenging situations with understanding to achieve a safe outcome for all.


Project Eleos and The Autism Talisman


Project Eleos will see the production and distribution of our ASD Talisman branded wristbands to all Australians diagnosed with Autism free of charge. In addition, Spectrum Support will work co-operatively with all law enforcement and emergency services nationally to bring education and awareness of the Talisman and how to better achieve safer outcomes for all. 

Space to engrave vital information was also carefully considered. This gives the option to include critical details.





0412 XXX XXX

When an individual is in a heightened state or having a meltdown it can be difficult for those around to understand what is happening. Often emergency departments at a hospital, the security guard in a shopping centre or Police are simply unable to identify if this person is a substance abuser has a mental health issue or is just a violent person out to harm the public. 

The ASD Talisman provides instant recognition that is person is on the spectrum, potentially non-verbal and unable to declutter their mind to focus on instructions.