Spectrum Support is an Australian Charity dedicated to those living with or caring for a loved one with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We are a community-based charity for all ages.

Making a Real Difference for Real People

Empowering the Austism Community

The organisation began in 2017 and has evolved substantially.  We have multiple projects currently under delivery to the ASD community and general Australian public over the next few years. Our aim is to provide life changing work and to become a primary resource in Australia.

With statistics now showing 1 in 70 Australians being diagnosed, awareness and support is needed more than ever. Spectrum Support was created to empower the Autism community though positive works based on its’ four main pillars:

The scope of our task is vast, and the road ahead is long but with the support of the Australians everywhere we can make a real difference for real people.

Training Australia's Finest

Why People Choose Us

Australian First
Autism & Law Enforcement Training

Recognised by the NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller, Spectrum Support is Australia’s first to collaborate with international expert in this field and NSW Police proving an in depth training overview from both an autistic and operational point of view.

ASD Talisman
Global First Education Icon

Soon to be recognised around the world as the symbol for autism, the ASD Talisman under Project Eleos will see the production and distribution of the ASD Talisman branded wristbands to all Australians diagnosed with Autism free of charge. Space to engrave vital information has also been carefully considered, giving wearers the option to include critical details.

Government & Community Engagement
Show Your Support

By displaying the ASD Talisman at the entry point of your business you are committing to inclusion. It is our goal to dramatically improve the lives of autistic Australians through the reconginition of the ASD Talsiman as a welcoming enviornment for all families.

Changing the world really does start at home and we intent to change the world!

We Think Globally

Spectrum Support may be an Australian charity, but we have a global outlook for our future.

Our programs and initiatives are developed with a world-wide mindset that will benefit all people living with or caring for, someone affected with ASD.

Our ASD Talisman project, Project Eleos, is now in it’s second year of progress and growth. Developed with some of the most experienced and respected names in the world of ASD management, Project Eleos is a safety imitative like no other.
You can learn more about Project Eleos HERE

With the roll out of the ASD Talisman nationally to all ASD affected individuals, we aim for the ASD Talisman to be the instantly recognised symbol for Autism in the country and in time, throughout the Globe.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Eleos, please click the button below and register your interest. We’d love to hear from you and keep you up to date with our progress in making the world a better place for our loved ones.

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