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About Us


Spectrum Support is an Australian organisation that is dedicated to empowering the Autism community.


We have a clear vision of our role in society to be an advocate, educator and facilitator of change.

FREE Wristband, Dog tag or Pin

Project Eleos & the Autism Talisman

Spectrum Support plans to Launch the ASD Talisman in an initiative called Project Eleos, named for the Greek Goddess of Compassion 


Project Eleos will see the production and distribution of our ASD Talisman branded wristbands, dog tags and pins to all Australians diagnosed with Autism FREE OF CHARGE.


In addition, Spectrum Support will work co-operatively with all law enforcement and emergency services nationally to bring education and awareness of the Talisman and how to better achieve safer outcomes for all. 

A website launch to change everything!


This powerful education, resource and community will provide 24/7 access and support to anyone who needs it!

  • National database of businesses who work with and welcome the Autism community

  • Video’s with strategies and techniques on ALL topics from professionals and firsthand experienced parents, carers and disability support workers

  • Articles covering every topic you could imagine designed to speed up the guidance

  • Community chat forum. Speak freely in a non-judgemental environment

  • Free webinars from professionals in a range of fields

  • Free downloads

  • So much more….. 

Mentor Program

This program will offer experienced, trained, supported and qualified mentors to guide any parent, carer or support worker on the Autism Journey.


Our program is unique in the autism community and aims to speed up the cycle time from the autism diagnosis to effective treatments.

A Parent Mentor who is assigned to you will be a volunteer who has been on the autism journey with their own loved one for more than two years utilising dietary interventions, medical treatments and therapies.


Mentors will be screened and trained before being assigned to a parent. Mentors must meet criteria in various autism topic categories to be accepted into the program. You will be matched based on your needs and the available mentors.

Our People